5 Unconventional Social Media Tips for Small Business

social media tips for small business

Why Small Businesses Need Social Media?

social media tips for small business

In this era of advanced digital communication, a lot of small businesses are going online to engage with their customers and future prospects. The traditional media such as mail and newspapers are fast becoming obsolete, to pave way for the brilliant social media. One of the best benefits of social media is that it can reach out to a large target audience instantly, and at almost no cost at all. In this blog, we’ll give a few social media tips for small business.

The value of Social Media for Small Businesses cannot be overlooked, with the ever increasing number of social media users. One million new users everyday, to a pool of 2.56 billion users, (34% global penetration) according to ‘We are Social’. With such heavy online presence, it is wise to invest in Social Media for your Small business. This blog is a social media guide for small business to engage with your followers, customers, and also to create awareness on your brand.

Before deciding to use social media to leverage your small business, it is imperative to know the social networking sites available. It is better to understand their specific nature and how that is going to affect your users on how they engage with your profile. Here are few social media tips for small business to get you started with those platforms.

1. Leverage all Social Media Platforms

Leverage all Social Media Platforms

For those business owners who want to know “how to use social media for small business?”. There are basically four major social media sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook is the largest of the four and is used widely on a daily basis, especially by young people. Twitter is emphatic on word brevity and therefore is the best for customer response/ customer care. A survey done by ‘Lithium’ in 2018 established that 78% of users who make a complaint to a brand on Twitter expect a response within an hour. With its fast nature, It is not a bad idea to hire a social media correspondent to handle the bulk of this work.

Instagram and Pinterest are more visually oriented, and it is the best shot to showcase your brand products. When using Instagram invest in high-resolution images which are appealing and is most likely to generate traffic to your small business account. Also remember to capitalize on link clicks which puts you ahead of industry conversation, while directing more traffic to your small business social media profile.

2. Build your Social Media Presence

Build your Social Media Presence

To gain loyal followers, or get more likes for your small business social media posts, you need to do some social listening. This simply entails, you gaining some insights into your industry by following conversations around distinct topics, phrases and keywords. This helps you be ahead of specific online conversations. By adopting this approach you’ll be able to steer the corrects content, know what people are saying about your brand or industry online, and therefore be able to create the content your customers or followers needs, and steer your brand campaigns to the specific audience.

3. Set the Right Social Media Goals

social media tips for small business

Before jumping into any of these social media sites, it’s also important to make the appropriate social media goals. For example, you should not only create vibrant content for the sake of likes only but to also engage your audience on your brand which should translate to more sales eventually.

To master your social media goals, you should know your audience well, and their preferred social media, or content. You can do this by borrowing a leaf, from other established small businesses who have achieved social media success. What content are they creating? how often? and so forth. By seeking inspiration from other firms, you not only gain an idea of what to post to your own audience but also get the industry trends.

4. Create a Social Media Calendar

Create a Social Media Calendar

By deciding to use social media to market your small business, it is important to establish credibility and authority. You can get a social media verified account to let your followers know that it is really you.

To remain relevant on social media you need consistency with your posts. Inconsistency will force your audience to unfollow you. Post, engaging and informative posts on a regular basis so that your profile becomes interactive and you’ll get to leverage the various benefits of social media for business. You can plan your posts by using a calendar or investing in one of the social media calendar tools like Microsoft Excel. Such a tool will help you to know what type of content to post each day, and to keep your account livelier on a daily basis.

5.Creating Awareness for your Brand

Creating Awareness for your Brand

Social Media is the future of small business channel for connecting with customers, competitors, stakeholders and other users. Small businesses and Social media go hand in hand. Since it requires no investment, that does not mean you cannot use social media to market your brand.

Lean more on engaging and creating awareness for your brand, but also subtly promote your products or services. For example, you can post a picture of your product on Instagram, and caption it with a simple hashtag such as ‘buy two, and get a 15% discount’. That is killing two birds with one stone, by showcasing the product, and sales-promoting it at the same time.

I hope you found these social media tips for small business useful. Do Use social media today to edge your small business, and rank with the industry leaders.

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