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Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Before I even begin with the main topic, let me tell you what exactly digital marketing means

In simple terms, Digital marketing involves all marketing attempts that use a desktop and the internet. Businesses enjoy the scope of digital marketing in various channels like search engines, social media platforms, email marketing tools, and their online sites to connect with existing and potential customers.

Especially in a country like India, where the customer base is of 1,339,180,127 (as of July 2017) positions second in the entire world.

Currently, there are ample opportunities that are produced every minute for the people!

Most experts here in India presume that 'digital' is just yet another approach for marketing.

But they are wrong!

To know the scope of online marketing in India, to overview the marketing future of any company, it's sensible to think about what audience conversations we need to keep track of and understand. Operating in digital marketing is more about monitoring audience conversations than website development or email marketing.

It demands a new strategy to marketing and a distinct insight into customer thought patterns. For example, it requires companies to evaluate and assess the value of downloads of applications on smartphones, likes on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and etc

This is why there are a different type of digital marketing campaigns such as Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, Content Writing, Search engine marketing etc

In the arriving years, the scope of internet marketing in India will escalate in the following fields.

Universities/ Colleges

Universities Colleges

The academic training sector has become more cut-throat competitive and high-end than ever before.

Organizations need to adapt to effective digital marketing strategies to go through new changes

Digital marketing for education is becoming a good platform due to the rise of the web and digital media in the education industry. This sector has changed entirely, and this is mostly due to the widespread access that individuals have because of the internet. Therefore, educational sectors should keep this in mind and work on their digital presence to connect with a large variety of students & parents easily. This is one of the many factors why digital marketing is looked at to be the best choice when it comes to contacting to both students and parents.

How to select a digital marketing course?

Interested in learning digital marketing?

Planning to take up a Digital marketing certification?

The choice of a digital marketing course is all about knowing what knowledge you willing to get at the end of the day. Indeed digital marketing is a term, and there are a lot of subjects that the digital marketing certification may cover.

Some certificate courses are more concentrated on the practical aspect of online marketing, while others are more descriptive regarding the theory. Hence, think twice before investing your time into the getting to know of the things that should work or things that are already doing a digital marketers job.

Real Estates

Real Estates

A newly conducted survey proposes that 92% of all house purchasers today use the internet at some point to look for a home. Additionally, we have seen this volume increase for home buyers in India. The newest trends display that it is essential for real estate companies today to have online exposure. Which brings us to a serious question: "What role does a digital marketing agency play in real estate?"

A digital marketer can help brokers in making the purchasing process a lot easier for their customers. As a broker, you can give your prospective customers tour to the properties you sell online. Then, you can make the paperwork process easier without the need to go to your office.



Developing a winning digital marketing strategy for eCommerce can be a challenging thing to achieve, and it's particularly hard to know where to start.

Nevertheless, today, there are innumerable tools accessible to a digital marketer to make things easy. Using an innovative combination of these tools, an ecommerce brand can boost its growth swiftly with an optimum return on investment. For ecommerce startups,

This makes online marketing an irresistible method to attain excellence in a short amount of time.

E-commerce brands rely on maximizing smartphone and internet penetration to improve their sales. At the same time, they also rely on a digital marketer to generate revenue by improving brand value.

If you want your eCommerce business to succeed in this challenging digital age, see to it you leverage all the marketing channels that affect your business and career growth.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

1. Digital Marketing increases traffic through valuable content

Connect with numerous prospects by switching over to a digital marketing campaign in just a small investment. You can encourage your prospects, clients, and supporters to take action on your website, learned about your services and products, review them, purchase them and give feedback which is visible to your market. So it doesn't take much time for good publicity to enhance the prospects of your business.You will observe long-term results by utilizing SEO.Google is getting better at analyzing user intent to display the best relevant content. Search engines like Google gather click-through information from users to verify search intent and teach machine learning units close to them.

2. Digital marketing helps to improve sales:

Due to the scope of digital marketing, you can connect to the right target audience or target market and generate leads with the aid of content marketing strategy and effective Facebook strategy for small businesses.

Taking your target audience through the buyer funnel is the most common strategy by all marketers. Digital marketing makes things easier by keeping an eye on your prospect's place in the sales funnel.

3. Digital marketing helps in cost-effective marketing

The term "small" in small biz marketing means the company has very limited sources as well as capitalization. Digital marketing can help small biz owners not only to produce beneficial results in regards to producing leads - they play a major role in reducing costs as well.

Digital marketing will give your business all the benefits it needs to become successful by creating short and long-term tides of revenues, offering evidence-based data on how to simplify costs and most importantly, by establishing your brand value proposition to your target audience.

Do not ignore this very important digital marketing tool that is budget-friendly and helps to reach a large number of users instantly.

4. Digital Marketing Provides Real-time customer service and marketing

Companies that have relied on traditional channels to build and grow individual relationships face a future through which conversations and in-person meetings have become the substitute of landline phones and cursive writing.

In contrast to traditional marketing strategies, Marketing your small business online is a two-way interaction. Advantages of offering this service not only helps in customer satisfaction but also helps In retaining customers. With the help of social media platforms, you can quickly spot out the product gaps and the content gaps.

This Real-time marketing technique really matters because they provide the latest updates of any news or any activity as soon as it's leaked. For example, take Twitter. Twitter is an ideal place where you can seek out companies to take advantage of real-time marketing.

5. Digital marketing increases user engagement:

User engagement is as important as exposure in the search engines. Not only does this increase the awareness of your brand, it also helps to boost your SEO rankings. The issue with user interaction is that there is no approach to measure directly if your customer engagement is a healthy one or not.

Use the right type of Digital marketing mix to improve user engagement on websites and social media channels. You can not produce content for every person! You only generate content which will serve you connect to the audience of your niche.

Future of digital marketing in India

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in India, similar to every many other forms of marketing, remains in constant development. The days of trusting print magazines or signboards for business advertisements, believing they alone could produce enough buyers for a company to become successful, are gone.

Future of digital marketing and the scope of digital marketing in India is going to become brighter in the coming times.It's authority across digital channels is undebatable and the growth of the digital market is seemingly rigid. A mobile phone has become a fundamental need for every person.

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Individuals using the internet in 2015 were 259 million which rise to 331 million in 2017. It has been estimated that the number of internet users are to get multiplied by 2022. This is because, the rate by which the country is expanding in with regards to everything, people will be heavily dependent on the internet in the coming years.

Indians invest around 4.4 hours a day on the internet through their laptop/desktops and also 3.1 hours through their mobile phones. With such a large period of time being invested in the internet, it emerges as a massive platform for using digital marketing.

  • As India spreads the wings of the internet to its people, eCommerce and Digital Marketing will become even more valuable.
  • Indian's are among the well-known nations when it comes to the time shelled out on social media, says a research report from
  • The government has been encouraging a digital mode of getting professional services, compensating through digital payment channels and using digital platforms for all the upcoming new projects.
  • Digital marketing in 2020 would be about relevance, reliability, and accuracy. And it will be possible only by embracing decision science, sizing up the structure, and boldly improving the ideology.

To remain on top of all the digital marketing knowledge you need to read the latest digital marketing blogs. Staying notified to digital marketing news will render you into a better marketer gradually and help you prevent falling back on the fads.