7 Free Business Tools for Small Businesses

free business tools for small businesses

Being a small business owner, your time and effort are finite. In case you’re intending to run your business’ social media profile all by yourself, you lead the possibility of throwing away time you don’t possess. So, apps and automation are often convenient in finding content, sharing it, and answering to comments. Utilizing the free business tools for small businesses, you can improve your course of action, helping you to achieve a lot more in a shorter period of time.

Given that my work is social media management and content marketing I truly like exploring the best tools for small business. I have put together a list of awesome tools and a strategy that works well for me personally.

The following are seven free online marketing tools for small business which will help make your everyday work simpler and easier.


Buffer Dashboard

Buffer is a quite well-known social media scheduling tool. This application makes it effortless to quickly share content and conveniently schedule the posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. In addition, Buffer gives you the Analytics with respect to every single post that helps you easily see what strategies are performing and what are not.

Buffer Pricing

Buffer happens to be workable in both free and paid plans. Within the free plan, you are confined to one particular social profile for each platform. For instance, one Facebook account, one LinkedIn account and so forth. Besides that, you are limited to 10 posts at one time. This is clearly the best app to manage all social media


Hootsuite Dashboard

Hootsuite is a detailed social media tool and considered to be one of the best social media management applications. It helps you to handle your content on several social media networks, focus on conversations and determine results completely from a single dashboard. Hootsuite is most useful if you are handling many social media platforms. Hootsuite has a wide range of functions and features: a few are absolutely free but some features are paid.

The good news is you get a free 30-day trial for the Hootsuite Professional plan, however, it spams you with continuous requests to update or pay for more. The Professional plan is $29.00 once a month billed annually but, Subsequently only for only one user and 10 social profiles. This level is geared to help small business owners. The Team plan ($129.00 once a month, billed annually) offers you with 3 users and 20 social profiles in addition customized analytics sights, team performance, social campaign certifications, branded URLs, and much more.

The $599.00 once a month Business plan elevates to 50 social profiles and consists of more personalization and return-on-investment (ROI) and analytic data exports for bigger companies to midsize businesses (SMEs). Subsequently, you will find the Enterprise plan, tweaked for large businesses, companies, and government use, and priced by tailor-made offer. The company also offers a plan called Hootsuite Academy, which offers system training for those serious in learning the system.



LastPass enables you to have protection across all your social networks. By no means you have to memorize more than one password. How? I’ll explain you how.

LastPass is compatible with your browser or on your smartphone. After you input your LastPass password, LastPass instantly fills in all of your current user ids and passwords. Therefore, you never have to remember them again.

4.Content Gem

Content Gems

ContentGems gathers the RSS feeds of particular leading websites and filters them primarily based on keywords. You can check out the most fascinating posts or articles and then promote them In case you find it useful to your target audience.

Exploring good new content to read has never been smoother. In case you’re making use of an RSS reader, you’ll need to dedicate a considerable amount of time in search of the appropriate blogs and news channels first. ContentGems finds the appropriate resources for you.

ContentGems price begins with a Free plan. There’s no free trial offered.

Some other plans consist of Individual Pro ($9 per month), Business ($99 per month) and Agency ($199 per month)



MailChimp is a mail marketing tool and a newsletter provider with a lasting and established performance history. Gathering your own list of mail contacts is essential for many numbers of small businesses. It aids you to know more about your clients or potential individuals.

MailChimp makes this so effortless and as time goes by you can add some more insights such as demographics (age groups, gender, specific location etc). Most of the features are free, if you want more and particularly you want to deliver to more than 2,000 subscribers, you’d probably need to upgrade. Nonetheless, the rates are affordable (from $10 per month) so it shouldn’t be a hassle.



Sniply allows you to show your call-to-action on any section of content around the internet. This indicates that you can make the most of the potential of exceptional content without spending in the production region.If you are putting up a brand, it’s significant to be consistent and omnipresent. Sniply allows you to have a brand awareness on every webpage you share.

Sniply is free up to 1k clicks. Paid plans have extra features

$29/month Basic plan for 2 brands, 1 team member, and 5k clicks

$79/month Pro plan for 6 brands, 3 team members, and 20k clicks

$149/month Business plan for 10 brands, 5 team members, and 50k clicks

Using Sniply, even small business can enjoy the advantages of content marketing, letting you make the most out of exceptional content to grow your brand.



Canva is the top tool to design creatives without Owning to dedicate a lot of time and hard work. Owning a small business, you perhaps don’t have the time to invest in mastering photo editors, and having Canva you won’t require classes and training.

Canva is totally free, quite a few functionalities like resizing and GIFs are exclusively offered with a paid registration of $12.95 each month. Canva is an ideal combo of a user-friendly program and one of the most useful free business tools for small businesses with vast potential – the tool provides you with a range of choices to pick from.


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