Affordable PPC Management | Pay Per Click

Anytime you search on Google, you know those showings at the very top of the search results? They have a little “Ad” signifying that they’re different from organic search results

google ads

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is just one of the best well-known online advertising models at the moment. Pay-per-click means that when an online user clicks on your ad, you’ll pay.

Google and other search engines use an auction system to bid for positioning of a PPC ad in search engine results page and based on that system ad spend are decided.

Starting these ppc campaigns is very simple. You create an ad, do some bid optimization, and your ad can run almost instantly. This indicates that the potential for great results is faster.

Recently Google ads were launched, formerly called Google AdWords, as their initiative to help businesses of all sizes get in touch with relevant clients across all of our channels and partner websites.

How do google ads work?

Google Ads are PPC campaigns that enable you to place search results for your site on a google search engine results page. (SERP)

There’s no need to wait for your brand new site to work its way organically up the rankings. By implementing affordable PPC management strategies you can see immediate results and it’s not roughly as challenging to use or costly as you may think.

Google isn’t the only search portal where you can easily do this; PPC campaigns can be run in Bing as well, called The Bing Network.

How does Bing ads work?   

Bing ads

Bing Ads management makeup roughly 23% of the online search volume and also percentage is gradually growing. As a matter of fact, just to analyze results between the Google and Bing, I’ve been using Bing as my main search engine for the last month and I need to say, there are excellent reasons why Bing is growing in recognition among business management companies.

How effective is PPC?

The whole reason for using PPC advertising is its assistance to meet your business objectives and marketing goal. This goal may be a top-level marketing, brand exposure, or lead submission. PPC is one of the most effective tools to drag web traffic to meet your company goal. Content marketing through PPC advertising really comes out good and help in-app download and installation optimization. PPC paid campaign aids you to achieve your business desire with revenues optimization, lead generation, conversion optimization, brand recognition, brand visibility, customer attribution optimization, social media marketing, and brand marketing.

Adwords campaign in combination with Google Analytics allows you to monitor and measure impressions, clicks, and conversion and accordingly improve your AdWords management. So generally, you can analyze your spend with your gain in regards to your marketing strategy.

To add on, pay per click and search engine optimization work well collectively. While SEO brings in organic traffic and improves your website ranking letting audience seek your brand, or business, on the other hand, PPC optimizes your sale and brings you affordable SEO that helps you in cutting costs.

Affordable PPC management plans

1.Set Data Driven Goals :

You must know where you’re heading and what you intend to accomplish before you get started. So, it’s better to have a clear roadmap to smoothen up your workflow. Some of the most important KPIs to consider are

1.ROAS (Return on ad spend)

2.ROI (Return on Investment)

3.CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

4.CPC (Cost per Click)

5.Break Even Point

2. Try out a new channel :

I suggest you look aside from Google and Bing to find your audience in new means and leverage a few of the advantages these other channels have.

Quora is a unique channel with targeting alternatives that imitate search, display, and social media networks. In my opinion, it’s one of the simplest ways to tighten your search muscles while also checking out your display and social media process. Furthermore, Quora’s channel is very easy to use and comes endowed with all the innovative conversion tracking, audience building, ad management and optimization which you’ll need to get success.

The best part is, you can still reach a large, highly-targeted market without needing to compete against the same users you would on Facebook or Instagram. This means low CPCs and longer time frames to test and understand before other PPC specialists find out.

Taboola can possibly be particularly useful to put content across top-of-funnel audiences, while also retargeting those who may be thinking about your services or product. Taboola placements feed on many important news media sites, in addition to a variety of niche blogs.

Taboola may not provide the same level of control you can get in a platform like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but accessibility to functions like third-party audiences and retargeting makes this a platform worth testing for those wanting to broaden reach.

Bidvertiser is among the dependable paid pay per click advertising alternative for advertisers to get distinct and geo-targeted traffic to their sites similar to Google AdWords and Bing Ads. They also provide a money-making chance for website publishers to display ads and earn on PPC basis.

Colombia is a platform created by Times Network Group to manage advertisements on their platforms. It has a wider publisher network consisting of music websites, news sites, entertainment websites and much more. They have around about 150M buyers in India. You can target users on the basis of interest (currently) that’s the only option available when it comes to targeting people, aside from the choice of location and placement.

3.Leverage New Ad Features

Much like last year, we will see new aspects being introduced in the year 2019. There will be a number of new tools, ad types, etc

Location-based advertisements will be taken advantage of in management companies and business. We can also count on brands to use localization services to enhance conversion based possibilities. We will also see more ads on maps, answer boxes and other elements of the search engine results page.

Being a PPC marketer, you need to be familiar with the latest updates and employ them to your advantage.

4.Video Marketing :

Adding videos to your marketing ad campaign not only improves social engagement but also boosts the positioning of your advertisements on the search results page.

Even though you don’t intend to spend your money on video marketing. You can, however, use YouTube for audience targeting. It is useful when you have less budget, and the niche is very economical.

Many advertising platforms motivate marketers to make use of video for mobile marketing.

5.Remarketing :

It is a kind of advertising campaign that shows ads to only those individuals who have already checked out a particular website or webpage.

It can increase the whole conversion rate significantly with low ad spend because the existing user is more familiar with your brand as compared to a new website visitor.

Now I suppose you have a proper understanding of how powerful PPC can be for your business. Even though there are different marketing strategies which can provide you results, Pay per Click is easily the best way to get results quickly in a limited period of time You can execute all these plans to get the results you desire.