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Abhishek Profile

My goal is to achieve excellence in Digital Marketing through continuous learning and innovative work. To be in a healthy and futuristic working environment where I have opportunities to learn and enhance my knowledge. I am confident in my ability to come up with interesting ideas for unforgettable marketing campaigns. I write blogs on various digital marketing strategies and tips on my website Shetty Marketing.

My roles and responsibilities are :

1. Planning Social Media Sales Funnels to laser target the audience:

Taking the audience through the buyer funnel to convert your potential prospects into clients.

2. To plan a Content Marketing framework for smooth functioning:

You can't create content for anyone. Promoting the right content to the right audience is important to make sure your target audience know what you know and what services you offer.

3. Content Curation and Scheduling posts in Social media platforms:

Scheduling Newsjacking topics and promoting your content on social media platforms help you to reach out to the audience who aren't aware of you. It also helps a brand, an authority figure or a digital marketing specialist like me to have a presence in all the social media platforms.

4. Handling Paid Marketing Campaigns:

The main advantage of using paid marketing methods is that you get to laser target your audience with the help of targeting options like Interest targeting or creating a custom audience based on user's interaction with your content.

5. Twitter User Engagement and Influencing:

I use various twitter tools to schedule, engage, interact with the followers. Monitoring tools like Hootsuite and Twitterdeck is like a boon to a digital marketing specialist like me. I get to monitor all those influencers on twitter so that I can interact with them. Surprisingly, through twitter, I managed to get a few high DA (Domain Authority) links to our website.

6. Organic Marketing:

Optimizing our Social media platforms, website content to make sure we get traffic to our website over time.

7. Visual Marketing:

Using various photo editing and video editing tools to get the attention of the users. Easily the most underestimated part of Digital Marketing. Remember, visual marketing is the future.

8.Creative Designing:

Though I am a digital marketing specialist, I have put a lot of my time and effort into creating a lot of creatives for Pinterest ads and pins.

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