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Hello There!

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Abhishek B and I work as a small business marketing manager. I have been working in a digital marketing agency for 3 years straight and I have tried out various marketing strategies.

I have failed, I have succeeded, but most importantly, I have learned a few affordable and effective digital marketing solutions which are much suitable for small players.

You must be here to learn some small business marketing techniques, right?

Before I proceed, I would like to share with you a few small business marketing facts that will make you think.

50 % of small businesses don’t have a website!

Provided how much business is sorted out online, it’s amazing to see so many small businesses don’t own a website, specifically given how crucial websites are to clients.

Just 2 out of 10 small businesses invest in marketing online...

The objective of marketing online is to associate your business’ worth to the right client base. It’s an easy approach but it can be complicated at times. Hence, most of the small businesses fear to spend their hard-earned buck on digital marketing.

Why not outsource then?

Outsourcing tasks and projects to outside agencies have become a typical practice in the current business world. But most of the businesses do not outsource due to reasons like -

“Sharing the credentials of our website to a digital marketing agency is kind of risky.”

“Too expensive!”

“I'll lose control.”

So, should I give up on marketing online?


The number of potential prospects that are found online is substantially bigger than the group of individuals attracted locally. With the help of digital marketing, you can reach out to your target audience in a way that is both affordable and measurable.

Good digital marketing is as crucial for small businesses as it is for the bigger companies. When it comes to small business marketing, companies usually don't have flexible budgets or in-house marketing teams.

So, how much should a small business spend on marketing?

One of the challenges in presenting a general budget suggestion is that not all companies are constant with what they offer in their small business marketing budgets. I specialize in providing quality and cost-effective small business marketing techniques that make sure the money you spend is in line with the profits you make.


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Small Business marketing Involves a Number of Activities Including...

Content Marketing

Posting and promoting content on different platforms to increase traffic to your website and then using Google analytics to monitor the traffic coming from different sources is the most effective digital strategy for small biz marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Running Facebook lead generation ads to get potential prospects for your business who engage with your content. With the help of my facebook strategy for small business, you can easily get high-quality leads within a short period of time.

Social Media Management

You cannot create content for everyone! I'll use the right kind of content mix to increase user engagement on websites and social media platforms. I create content which will help you reach out to the right audience of your niche.

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