Digital Marketing Channels that Every Business Need to Know

I have been working as a digital marketing expert for 3 years straight and I have run many digital marketing campaigns to achieve certain business goals.

I have struggled, I have prospered, but most importantly, I have come up with an effective digital strategy for all the marketing channels suitable for every brand and business.

You must be here to find out the right digital marketing channel for your business right?

Before I go ahead, I would like to share with you a few business marketing trends that will make you think.

50 % of businesses don't have a website and a proper web design!

Business Stats

Provided how much business is sorted out online, it's amazing to see so many small businesses don't own a website, especially given how crucial websites are to clients.

Just 2 out of 10 small businesses are developing marketing strategies and plans!

Business Marketers

The objective of a marketing effort is to associate your business' worth to the right client base. It's an easy approach but it can be complicated at times. Hence, most of the businesses fear to spend their hard-earned money on developing a marketing plan.

Types of Digital Marketing Channels that affect a Business

Most of you are small business owners or startup entrepreneurs that are just beginning or are established companies who are interested in developing a strategic plan but have some question about how to do it.

Listen up ...

A business owner should know how to implement strategies in several channels of digital marketing to have a secure and successful experience online - with no cost (with some paid recommendations).

An online strategic marketing process is no different than a traditional marketing strategy when it comes to objectives and goals. Both types aim to increase brand awareness and discover more customers for a particular company.

Thankfully, today's Internet is much roomier, with less finite space to worry about. Accordingly, competitors aren't the nasty, plague-like things they used to be. So it's easy to find a way to achieve sustainable competitive advantage over the other competing products and firms in the online market.

What are the different types of marketing strategies?

There are several different marketing strategies for a small business. I personally believe that relevant content is the best "bait" you can use to get more prospects to your company. When it comes to the strategic marketing planning process, small business owners are reluctant towards investing money on content writing, content advertisements, and content marketing.

I don't blame them!

The number of possible prospects that are found online is substantially bigger than the group of individuals brought in locally. With the right approach towards marketing and by staying updated with the latest, you can reach out to your target audience and generate leads in a way that is both budget-friendly and measurable.

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Below are the few standards and basic practices of digital marketing strategies that will provide the best-required exposure to your company.




Do you know that your SEO begins and ends with high-quality content writing?

It is so essential that every leading search engine optimization agency these days doesn't apply an SEO strategy for a business without a solid content strategy.

Does this mean you have to push content to have a good impact on your SEO?

Of course not!

There are two approaches that Google calculates when considering the SEO value of your content:

Google studies how people behave while accessing and taking in your content. How much time do they spend on individual blog posts and web pages? How often your content is shared with people and social media websites?

Google also employs human search quality raters who use predetermined guidelines to see whether you actually have high-quality relevant content or somehow you have outplayed the system.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media management for a small business is probably the fastest growing outlet to operate and promote your business. I would say it is necessary that to have a social media presence in this day and age. Social media is an excellent way to engage your audience, market your product or service, and most importantly establish and encourage a brand. Social Media offers your small business to a well of information that can be used legitimately for market research and to generate leads. It is also an economical way to advertise. Even though there are paid ways to advertise, I believe it is possible to use the free built-in mechanisms to market and advertise.

To be successful in your content and social media marketing strategy, you must address them in both. The four elements are:

  • Objectives
  • Buyers' personas
  • Product (this involves emphasis, messaging and value propositions )
  • Editorial plan

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Way too many marketing professionals see content marketing and Google Ads feature as a one-or-the-other proposition. Google AdWords helps bring in traffic to a website. The content is what retains them there.

With so many internet sites battling for attention, an emphasis on creating high-quality, trustworthy content is the finest way to show website visitors your site is well worth their time.

Better yet, useful content that addresses questions and offers useful insights will work to establish trust with readers.

Companies that pay for organic traffic, AdWords campaigns and AdWords remarketing lists have a better chance of reigning over this space overall and enhancing brand exposure. In order to maximize the number of eyes on your product, properly curate content that will rank along with google ads.

Success starts with an ideal strategic marketing process. A good online marketing strategy for small business, in turn, begins with analysis to understand which solutions might provide the best results for your difficulties and customer requirements.

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So, the next obvious question would be …

How to develop a strategic marketing plan?

Getting started might seem like a challenging process. And with good reason: online marketing strategies are constantly evolving.

I suggest you take a sequence of actions to serve to help your business achieve your marketing goals by leveraging all these types of digital marketing channels

Step 1

Develop a site with good web design. It is an important part of managing a business online. It hosts your landing page, information about your company and your team, contact information, product information, testimonials, and more.

Step 2

Good content is what sets your website aside from the masses and delivers the ideal message into the hearts and minds of your clients. The growth of your website is determined primarily by its content. Eventually, content wins the wallets of your customers. All other elements of your website (design, visuals, videos, etc.) offer an additional support role. If you have efficient taglines, a fabulous design will only enhance their efficiency.

Step 3

When it comes to the initial traffic potential of internet marketing strategies for small business, Local SEO will usually offer you the biggest return on your investment. They naturally lend themselves to extending returns over time and have virtually no risk-- as long as you execute them correctly. If you want to find out more about SEO, check out this beginner's guide by Moz.

Step 4

Paid social media and AdWords campaigns can possibly do amazing things for your SEO attempts by retargeting your site visitors. Add retargeting to the mix and you'll really take your online marketing to a whole new level. That's because almost none of us have a 100% conversion rate.

There are numerous benefits to retargeting. First off, individuals who have connected with your business once are more likely to convert. According to AdRoll, around 2 percentage of customers convert in the first visit to a website, but twice as many converts if they are retargeted with an AdWords campaign.

Facebook Retargeting: I am presuming that you already own a Facebook account for business ads. You'll see Audiences in the dropdown list when you select Business Manager at the top left-hand side of the screen. Working with this feature you can effortlessly retarget an individual who visits your website. Facebook Custom Audiences are one of the important digital marketing tools for successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

FB retargeting is famous in E-commerce websites. With the help of a pixel or snippet of code, you can remarket users who visit your website via the Facebook medium. Certain e-commerce tools help you in setting up the pixel code and remarketing.

Google AdWords Retargeting: Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising that makes it possible for sites to display targeted ads to people who have already visited their website. Past visitors will see these ads while they are browsing the web, viewing YouTube videos or reading through news sites

Measuring your plan with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

A measurement plan is a report that translates your top-line small business objectives into statistics and dimensions you can determine on your website. This forms an important part of your broader digital marketing strategy and calculates how your digital networks best play all together to score your KPIs.

In our viewpoint, the creation of a powerful measurement structure is among the core elements of a sophisticated configuration of Google Analytics,

You open Google Analytics and see pre-made dashboards with charts and data features like current users, page views, bounce rate, and average session duration. As you click from dashboard to dashboard, the data points keep on coming: traffic source reports, a browser/device breakdown, a city-by-city assessment and more. There's a somewhat endless amount of data at your fingertips.

Final Action to take!

This lineup of online marketing strategies for small business is barely comprehensive but should have educated you on some of the more timeless ones.

When it pertains to online marketing, you're selling yourself short if you silo search engine optimization (SEO), PPC, social media and content marketing. Rather, think smartly about how you can combine your efforts on different channels of digital marketing to reach out to your audience where they are.

In this website, I'll be talking about the strategic use of various digital marketing channels and how it helps you get traction to your online business.

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All you can do is continuously educate yourself with the latest marketing trends to make sure that you know what's working now, and recognize what's on the horizon.